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Canadian Books Review : Vintage Jewelry

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Submitted Date  : 2010/5/5 - Submitted by: UKboy

This book showcases some of the most beautiful and unforgettable vintage costume jewelry ever designed. Curator and connoisseur Carole Tanenbaum invites you on an intimate tour of the brightest gems in her unequaled private collections, revealing hundreds of seldom-seen pieces and highlighting both their artistry and their allure.
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Submitted Date  : 2010/5/5 - Submitted by: UKboy

This book provides the reader with a very detailed and colourful insight into Sherman Jewellery. It gives a great introduction into collecting Sherman and what to look for when purchasing. The rest of the book is given over to show casing all the various styles that can be found, each style is clearly depicted in photographs, however there are no price guides or explanations.
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Submitted Date  : 2010/5/5 - Submitted by: UKboy

This book is fantastic and should be primarily used as an informative look at Sherman Jewellery and as a values guide, not a price list. It includes excellent colour photographs of the different styles and types of Sherman Jewellery, along with a detailed explanation about the article and the types of stones or jems used to make the piece.
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