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Does anyone know anything about this.....
Just popping in
2018/11/29 18:33
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Hey there!

There is this Amazing wardrobe at the local thrift store, and I was wondering if there are any experts that have any information at all about it? Age, value, style? I've attached a bunch of pictures and a link to a video I took. It really is beautiful, but I know virtually nothing about antique furniture.

Video ----->

Attach file:

jpg  20181124_125201.jpg (1,666.59 KB)
1567_5c00a79c88114.jpg 2560X1440 px

jpg  20181124_125210.jpg (1,792.88 KB)
1567_5c00a7b66439e.jpg 2560X1440 px

jpg  20181124_125229.jpg (1,216.44 KB)
1567_5c00a7c280fdf.jpg 2560X1440 px

jpg  20181124_125247.jpg (1,945.54 KB)
1567_5c00a7cf77df5.jpg 2560X1440 px

jpg  20181124_125250.jpg (2,133.85 KB)
1567_5c00a7e0aab85.jpg 2560X1440 px

jpg  20181124_125301.jpg (1,211.07 KB)
1567_5c00a7f5f1d13.jpg 2560X1440 px

jpg  20181124_125305.jpg (1,415.29 KB)
1567_5c00a8046aa5f.jpg 2560X1440 px

jpg  20181124_125314.jpg (1,380.27 KB)
1567_5c00a810d70c1.jpg 2560X1440 px

jpg  20181124_125338.jpg (1,096.22 KB)
1567_5c00a8200555b.jpg 2560X1440 px

jpg  20181124_125444.jpg (1,348.19 KB)
1567_5c00a8379381d.jpg 2560X1440 px

Posted on: 2018/11/29 19:04
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