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Premier Antique Show in Downtown Toronto, Oct 2011

Subject: Premier Antique Show in Downtown Toronto, Oct 2011
by arob on 2011/10/29 14:34:10

The Premier Antique Show and Sale in The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is the PGA of professional antiques collecting, everything here is beautiful and in good condition

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And because most of the antiques dealers showing their stuff here are over sixty years old, their merchandise really is priced to sell; their children don't want it. I always find the show overwhelming because there's so much stuff that I'm so passionate about but cannot afford. I'm a collector and my niche is hopelessly expensive. I cant find anything without getting distracted and there's no index of goods, only dealers names and numbers and to do inventory management on the entire show would take a lifetime I know, but I suspect it could be accomplished by a clever cloud based software solution - fyi thats future tech social media for antiques dealers, an application that makes rare material more findable at shows.

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On Friday Oct 28th 2011 I met a friend and together we visited this posh antiques and collectibles show in the Metro Convention Center at 255 Front St W in the heart of rush hour traffic in downtown Toronto. It was worth it just t see the goodies there; it was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
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I wrote about the Premier Antique Show Oct 28 in Toronto on Dumpdiggers and

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