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Canadian Books Review : Antique Silver

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Submitted Date  : 2010/10/12 - Submitted by: UKboy

This the book for those interested in the development of the mass production of silver and electro-plated ware will find this book an original and informative work. The information gathered comes from The Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario and the authers have also journeyed to Connecticut and Massachusetts to give the reader the most comprehensive guide available. The book aims to give the reader the most information in the smallest amount of text, via the use of deatiled photographs and illustrations.
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Submitted Date  : 2010/5/5 - Submitted by: UKboy

This book researches into the old silver of New France (Quebec) and its makers from the beginning of the colony in the seventeenth century to the middle of the nienteenth. A fantasically detailed book following the history of silver in Quebec. Reproductions of the makers' marks and lists of silversmiths are given, both French and English, with biographical notes. Chapters are inluded on the Indian Trade silver, the goldsmiths and the pewterers.
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Submitted Date  : 2010/5/5 - Submitted by: UKboy

A wonderful guide to Canadian Silversmiths marks. This guide includes all marks described in Canadian Silversmiths and Their Marks 1667-1867 and Canadian Silversmiths 1700-1900 as well as all additional research undertaken by the auther up to October, 1968. The book is arranged in alphabetical order with photographs of the different marks from silversmiths and their corresponding date.
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