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Finding a Canadian antique dealer has never been easier. Plan your trips and find fabulous antiques & collectibles using our antique resources map of Canada.

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 Antique Shows
Renfrew Monthly Antique Show  Aug 1st - Aug 2nd
Renfrew Monthly Antique Show
Fraser Valley Antiques & Collectible Club  Aug 11th
Fraser Valley Antiques & Collectible Club
ANTIQUING AT THE ARC  Aug 20th - Aug 21st
ANTIQUING AT THE ARC  Aug 22nd - Aug 23rd
Renfrew Monthly Antique Show  Sep 1st - Sep 2nd
Renfrew Monthly Antique Show
Fraser Valley Antiques & Collectible Club  Sep 8th
Fraser Valley Antiques & Collectible Club
Renfrew Monthly Antique Show  Oct 1st - Oct 2nd
Renfrew Monthly Antique Show
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   For Sale: Birchwood Vintage $0.00 2016/7/23 3658 Elm Tree Rd. - Ontario
   For Sale: St Johns Pottery marks $0.00 2016/5/29 montreal - quebec
 Map of Canadian Antique Dealers : List of Categories
Canada  (1691)
Alberta  (101)
BC  (308)
Manitoba  (37)
New Brunswick  (32)
Newfoundland  (11)
Nova Scotia  (39)
Ontario  (720)
PEI  (26)
Quebec  (381)
Saskatchewan  (25)
Antiques  (1691)
Antique Shop  (1344)
Auction House  (74)
Antique Services  (214)
Book / Magazine  (1)
Collectors  (21)
Antique Shows / Markets  (26)
Specialties  (1691)
Arts  (262)
Clothes  (0)
Collectibles  (1063)
Furniture  (712)
Glass  (114)
Household Antiques  (214)
Jewelry  (122)
Pottery & Porcelain  (223)
Other Specialties  (107)
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